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What We Do

CTNW provides

  • advice
  • support and training
  • networking and advocacy
  • research

As an integral part of the cultural and heritage tourism provision of Wales, CTNW has a place on Wales’ Cultural Tourism Partnership.

CTNW has excellent practical and research links with Higher Education in Wales including

  • University of Glamorgan
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • University of South Wales Newport
  • University of Wales Trinity St Davids  

CTNW offers two training courses

  • Welcome to the Church
  • Guiding visitors to the church

CTNW enjoys a close relationship with Ecclesiastical  see Keeping_your_church_open.pdf

CTNW has produced an Open Churches ‘Toolkit’ including interpretation and marketing and publicity.

CTNW encourages places of worship to create partnerships with others and local stakeholders to maximise regional benefits. Research by Northern Marches Cymru, who helped to develop the Open Churches Network Project in Wrexham, show that the project worked with 15 churches and in 3 years 64,404 visitors were recorded with an estimated contribution of £1,683,521 to the economy – the project is an exemplar of good practice in the EU.

CTNW has also organised three successful national conferences and produces a quarterly electronic newsletter Tourism Tidings

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